In Valdobbiadene

At the heart of Valdobbiadene DOCG

It is difficult to imagine when and how viticulture began in these parts. It’s clear to all who visit, however, how mankind’s influence over the course of the centuries has, through unwavering perseverance, determination and foresight, created the patchwork of today’s Prosecco Hills that was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site in 2019.

This magnificent and unique environment is the cradle of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG: a wine that is known worldwide, but most definitely not easy to come by and that can only be appreciated in all its nuances by understanding the territory of its origins.


Video Tour

Anyone can take a trip through the Prosecco Hills Heritage site! You can go on foot, or go cycling, you can go by (Vespa) scooter, motorcycle, car or even take the bus. You can go alone, in pairs, as a family or as a group. Nothing could be easier, nothing could be more exiting!


Delve into the UNESCO Heritage hills

Midway between Venice and the Dolomites, Valdobbiadene is nestled in an area rich in Nature, History, Culture, Art, Sport and high-quality Food and Wine, these in turn form the backdrop to the lush Prosecco hills “embroidered with vineyards” for centuries by the expert hands of the wine makers, the “artisans” of the hills.


In Valdobbiadene and its surrounding area there is no lack of history, especially linked to the Great War which bore witness to one of its most bloody theatres here, leaving deep scars still visible today.



VVenice and its wonders, Padua, Vicenza and the Palladian Villas, Verona, Possagno, Asolo, Treviso... are just a few of the cultural destinations that can be reached in less than a day’s travel Read more


Food and Wine

The territory is rich in typical products firmly anchored to local culinary tradition that when paired with Prosecco DOCG reaches its highest level.



In Valdobbiadene sport is at home and sporting events, even national ones, follow each other throughout the year favoured by a territory particularly suited to the various disciplines.

FEASR / Repubblica Italiana / Regionde del Veneto / PSR Veneto 2014-2020
European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas

Measure 6 “Development of agricultural holdings and enterprises” Intervention type: 6.4.1 FA 2A – Creation and development of diversification of agricultural enterprises. Operation description: renovation of part of the agricultural enterprise “Le Zitelle Società Agricola S.S.” Scope: Economic performance improvement of the agricultural enterprise and diversification of activities Results obtained: Currently in progress Amount financed: euro 398.846,12

An initiative financed by the Veneto rural development program 2014 - 2020
Body responsible for the information: “Le Zitelle Società Agricola S.S” – Piazza Mons. A. Dal Zotto, 2 – 31049 VALDOBBIADENE (TV)
management authority: Region of Veneto - Directorate AdG FEASR Parks and Forests.