Rules for entry to the wellness area

Entry to the Wellness Area is exclusively reserved to guests staying at the agritourism who have booked the area in advance. Before entering the Wellness Area please read the rules carefully and sign the declaration of responsibility and acceptance.

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Entry to the Wellness Area is forbidden to minors under 18 years.

Entry to the Wellness Area will only be allowed for guests of the Zitelle agritourism who have booked exclusive use of the Spa in advance.

We recommend that only persons in good physical health use the Wellness Area and, in any case, access is always at their own risk.

Do not enter the Spa area if you have infectious or contagious skin diseases or if you have wounds that have not entirely healed even when covered with bandages or plasters.

As soon as you enter the Wellness Area remove your shoes and wear the slippers we have provided for your use.

Always wear the anti-slip slippers when moving around in the Wellness Area to avoid slipping.

Please remove your clothes and put on your swimming costume and robe in the swimming pool’s changing room.

Pregnant women should consult their doctor before using the wellness area.

Please use the provided bath towels in the Finnish sauna and on the spa beds.

Throughout the Wellness Area:

  • we recommend respectable behaviour in keeping with public decency;
  • running and making loud noises is forbidden;
  • smoking is forbidden;
  • the use and/or presence of razors and sharp blades is forbidden;
  • the use of personal hygiene products is not allowed (peeling, depilation, creams and oils). You may however use the shower gels and shampoos provided when showering;
  • privacy laws forbid taking photographs or filming within the hospitality structure without the specific permission of the person/s being photographed or filmed;
  • for reasons of hygienic and health it is forbidden to consume food or drinks brought in from outside.

Supervision by the Wellness attendant in the Area is not always guaranteed but the attendant may be called at any moment by pressing the bell or phoning 347.9780452 348.1209517

We advise you to book treatments and entry to the Wellness Area IN ADVANCE to guarantee availability.

The management cannot be held responsible for the effects on health caused by use of the Spa.

If these regulations are not adhered to the management reserve the right to remove the transgressor from the Wellness Area.

Entering the structure means you have completely accepted the regulations. This implies that you must respect both the regulations and any indications given by the attendant personnel.

  • You may only enter the pool wearing a swimming costume and after showering with soap.
  • Scuba diving, snorkelling and all types of diving are FORBIDDEN.
  • We advise you to wait for at least three hours after eating to enter the pool.
  • Avoid all behaviour not suited to the activity of wellness.
  • Do not consume alcohol before entering the pool as it causes sleepiness.
  • Do not apply creams or lotions before entering the water.
  • Pregnant women should not use the whirlpool on any part of the body before the third month of pregnancy. After the third month you should avoid any form of water jet contact with the womb area.
  • Do not drink pool water as it contains disinfectants
  • Access to the sauna is only permitted for healthy adults with none of the following pathologies: hypertension, hypotension, heart circulation problems, venous insufficiency, fever or any form of inflammation. Pregnant women or women during their menstrual cycle must not use the sauna.
  • Access to the sauna is only permitted for adults.
  • It is a sign of respect to speak softly in order to not disturb other guests.
  • It is good practice to follow the advice of our qualified personnel when using the sauna.
  • For reasons of hygiene it is obligatory to shower and dry well before entering the sauna.
  • Swimming costumes, underclothes and all synthetic materials are not suitable for use in the sauna, therefore you should only enter the sauna with a 100% cotton towel.
  • Before sitting on the sauna benches you must first lay out the towel in order to completely absorb your sweat.
  • It is forbidden to bring ice, essential oils, honey, cosmetic products and accessories of any type into the sauna.
  • It is forbidden to bring alcohol, food and drinks of any type into the sauna area.
  • Follow the indications and respect the times and methods described in the notices posted in the sauna area.
  • What to eat: in the sauna you should not have a full stomach or empty stomach. The ideal is to eat a light snack before, like a yogurt or fruit. A warm linden of or chamomile tea before the sauna will help you to sweat. You must drink after taking a sauna (never alcohol) but never during the sauna.
  • Everything you need to bring: 2 towels, one to dry yourself after taking a shower or a dip and one for lying on the benches in the sauna and a robe in which to wrap yourself in while resting.
  • You must remove all metal objects. Not only do they prevent you from sweating correctly but they can also cause burns. You should take a hot or warm shower and wash with soap before entering the sauna. This is not just for the sake of hygiene but it also opens the pores, prepares the skin and relaxes the muscles throughout the body. It is also important to dry yourself well before entering the sauna in order to be able to sweat correctly.
  • First step in the sauna: enter the sauna wrapped in a cotton towel, sit or lie on the lower bench where it is least hot, later on you might like to switch to the middle or top benches where it is hotter. Your stay in the sauna should be from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 12-15 minutes. Never get up from the benches in one rapid movement, always get up slowly.
  • The next step is the shower. The shower always has to be taken with cold water. Hot water at this time would compromise your circulation whereas cold water would lower your body temperature back to normal and exercise the blood vessels, especially the capillaries. A tip: do not rush into the shower!

    The shower should start from the body area furthest away from the heart, i.e. the right foot, and then proceed up the outside of the leg to the knee, down the inside, back up the outside of the leg again and then down once again. Repeat the procedure for the left leg, then the arms to the elbows, then to the shoulders, the chest and face and lastly the back. The whole procedure is very short and only takes a few seconds but it is necessary in order to benefit most from the treatment.
  • Resting: now you are ready to rest. This stage is very important before entering the sauna again. Wrapped in your robe you can lie on a spa bed and cover up with a blanket if necessary.



The management declines all responsibility for problems or damage to persons caused by the non- observance of these rules and the incorrect use of the equipment provided.