Inset amongst the ancient hamlet buildings and plucked from the lines of a poem is the garden of Le Zitelle, the tables and parasols are immersed in flower beds and shielded from the outside by an ancient stone wall, creeping onto the old stone is an old Isabella vine... which fills the air with an uplifting fragrance every September.

It’s impossible not to enjoy Le Zitelle’s garden whenever the weather allows it: pleasant spring afternoons, the long summer evenings, early morning breakfast in the garden... it’s always a delight to spend both cheerful and peaceful moments where the only sounds are the tinkling waters of the fountain and the chiming of the bells. Although it’s not the largest of gardens, you can find plenty of quiet spots, such as “the Gossiper’s Corner” behind the roses, perfect for sharing quick secrets and a glass of Prosecco DOCG... Le Zitelle of course!

The most inquisitive souls might find a well-hidden secret within these walls, our very own Secret Garden: a tiny enclosure that leads to our Wellness Area and the room known as La Nana.